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When to Plant:  Using magickal timing

As in many things in life, timing is everything. With gardening, most people are going to throw stuff in the ground the first free weekend they have, water, and hope for the best.  

Not the Witch.

Witches plant according to the moon phases and the specific astrological signs the moon is in. It's what our ancestors did since time immemorial. When we do this, we are using the natural forces already in motion to help get the best possible results. Just as the moon influences the tides, the magickal belief is that the moon affects how plants grow.

Where can you find information about when the moon is in the optimal astrological sign to plant your garden? Try a Farmer's Almanac or a Witch's Almanac. Both will have the information right there for you, including the best dates to harvest your crop. For instance, May 15, 16, 20, and 21, 2020, are perfect for planting.

Below you will find the current moon phase, and a fundamental break down of moon phase gardening if you can't get one of the above almanacs.

Work with the seasons and the natural forces in play. Your gardening will be that much more productive and simpler to maintain because you did!


Moon Phase Gardening

The current moon phase is available in the widget to the left. The basics of moon phase gardening are as follows:

The New Moon to the Full Moon is the time to plant above-ground crops and flowers. The moon is growing larger in the sky, and the belief is that it will help pull the plants upwards from the ground.

The Full Moon to the Waning Moon is the best time to plant root vegetables, shrubs, and trees. The moon is growing smaller and pushes the roots of plants more deeply into the ground.

The Waning Moon to the Dark Moon is the time to weed and cut back overgrown plants. The moon has almost disappeared, so plants pruned or weeds pulled at this time won't come back as quickly.