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Plants for specific magickal purposes

Our ancestors associated plants and herbs with different magickal purposes and corresponding Elements and Deities. For instance, lavender is associated with the Element of Water and the Goddess Hecate. Using this information, you can choose plants for a specific magickal goal and augment your daily emotional casting. Planting a magickal garden is one of the easiest witchcrafts. It will also go unnoticed by most people, so you will not have to worry about interfering negative energy.

Here is a list of plants based on common magickal goals:

  • Earth and prosperity: Honeysuckle, mint, oak, pine, wheat, and bergamot

  • Fire and love: Geranium, pansy, rosemary, rose and yarrow

  • Water and healing: Mullein, angelica, tansy, thyme, and juniper

  • Air and creativity: Aspen, iris, nutmeg, sage, and sunflower

  • Spirit and protection: Cloves, garlic, snapdragons, violet, and cypress

You will need to look at plant hardiness zones and spacing, but let your intuition guide you when you pick out your plants. If a plant feels to you that it has a different magickal intention, listen to that feeling! 

Work with the seasons and the natural forces in play. Your gardening will be that much more productive and simpler to maintain because you did!