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The Book of Shadows

The Thriving At Home Witch's Favorite Spells

After multiple requests, we have put together a Book of Shadows for The Thriving At Home Witch.  Below you will find some of our favorite spells.  Enjoy!
New spells will be added frequently, so come back often.

Girl Reading on Bed
Scented Candles

Home or Apartment Protection Spell

Here is a very simple yet effective protection spell that does wonders to get the old, built-up negative energy out.  It pulls in positive energy immediately, so no magickal voids to worry about as well.

Sprinkle salt around the perimeter of your house or in the corners of your apartment.  Use Palo Santo, either diffused or burned, to smudge the living spaces.  Don't forget the closets and corners!  Next, go through with either saltwater or Florida water, both are considered witchy holy water!

When you have finished, light a tealight candle in the center of the house/apartment.  Repeat the following chant three times.

As above, so below, all around me the magick flows!

Lord and Lady, upon you I call,

Remove the bad vibes from one and all!  

Blessed Santa Muerte, hold us close to your heart,

May your blessing and protection never from us part!

For the good of all, allowing no harm to come, by my will, the spell is done!

Curvy Tree Road

Ace the test Study Spell

For this spell, you will need your class textbook (computer if it's an ebook), notes, and a small citrine stone.

First, you need to write down your study plan - what material is being covered, who you could study with, and how much time you will need.  What, you thought you could just chant a spell and ace that test?? I'll wait here a second while you give yourself a nice big facepalm.  Yes dear one, you have to study. 

Ok, now that we are back on track, let's get the magick started!  Bring your materials outside on a sunny day, preferably around noon.  We are going to be harnessing the Sun's energy of growth and ancient wisdom and the Element of Air's positive change and new ideas. 

Sit somewhere quietly where you will not be disturbed.  Hold your materials (textbook, notes, computer, and citrine stone) on your lab, and relax.  Tilt your face up to the Sun, and let it's warmth, wisdom, and light shine down on you.  Feel the Element of Air bringing its knowledge and drive.  Now, repeat this chant 3 times.

Hard work and magick are an unstoppable pair, 

I cast this spell with light, stone and air!

Light within, and light without,

Acing this test?  I have no doubt!

By my will and determination, this spell is spun, for the good of all, allowing no harm to come.

Girl in a white knitted wool scarf

Shielding Veil for Empaths

My daughter gave me the idea for this spell.  As a very attuned empath, at times the negativity of others can be overwhelming for her.  I'm sharing my version of this spell for all my fellow empaths out there who are also feeling a little overwhelmed right now.

For this spell, you will need a moonstone and a scarf/handkerchief.  Step outside at dusk and face West, the direction of endings, and say the following chant while holding the moonstone and scarf/handkerchief.

"The moonstone strengthens my intuitive power,

but now with this scarf, it sheilds all that sours.

Great Goddess, wrap me in your mantle,

may the emotions I pick up never be too much for me to handle.

Peace and goodwill I'll feel, but still receive warnings true,

Goddess bless this magick I do!

By stone and setting sun, this spell is spun,

For the good of all, allowing no harm to come."

Carry the moonstone with you, and use the scarf when you need it.  You will still pick up on intuitive warnings regarding people, situations, and events, so please still listen to those feelings!