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Cauldron Cooking: A Witchy Take on One-Pot Meals

Simple home-cooked meals with magickal intention

My favorite cooking method is from "One-Pot Glorious Meals" by Elizabeth Yarnell; throw meat, veggies, oil, and spices into your dutch oven, and voila! This cooking method creates delicious meals that are very nutritious.  Plus, it saves time and eating at home saves a lot of money. You also get to have greater control of ingredients, which is another substantial bonus. You can use any one-pot recipe method that you like; don't be afraid to experiment and find the way that works the best for you and your family.

So what makes this Cauldron Cooking? What is more iconic than the picture of the Witch over a bubbling cauldron? In this case, the cauldron contains your dinner, which you are happily making for yourself and your family. With intention, you are using one pot to transform everyday ingredients into something that will nourish your family, blessing, and protecting them. With intention, you are connecting to The Goddess and Her Cauldron of Transformation. It is your intention that takes this from a mundane and monotonous task to a magickal and joyful one!

How about some magickal ingredients to throw in the pot? Before you go to the eye of toad, let's go where your magickal ancestors went: herbs. There's a lot of magickal ingredients in your spice rack, from garlic for protection, cloves to stop gossip, to lemon to bring clarity. You can find more about Spice Rack Magick in Ellen Dugan's book, "Cottage Witchery."
We're saving time, money, and quietly practicing our craft – very Thriving at Home Witch indeed!


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