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Cleaning The Bathrooms

Next to the kitchen sink, this is the dirtiest place in your house. You only have to tackle this job once a week. You've got this!

1) I love Thieves Cleaner from Young Living for the bathrooms! Dilute two capfuls with water in a large amber spray bottle.  

2) Spray the sinks, counters, tub, and shower with the same solution. Let it sit for 5 minutes, then wipe down with a microfiber cloth.

3) Make a solution of vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil in the other amber spray bottle. Use about 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water with 10 -20 drops of lemon essential oil. You can use this solution on the tub and shower to help prevent buildup and on the mirror and fixtures. Again, the microfiber cloth does most of the work.

4) Use plant-based disposable anti-bacterial wipes on the toilet. Tell your inner rampaging environmentalist that this is ok! You do not want risk cross-contamination because you tried to wash microfiber cloths you used on a toilet in the washing machine.

5) Use a plant-based toilet bowl cleaner with a sturdy toilet bowl brush to give a complete clean.