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Dusting:  Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Tasks

Let's break this chore down so the house is always clean enough for guests and minimizes allergens.  Plus, it will be removing any roadblocks to your magick manifesting, so that should help with the motivation!

1) Weekly: Go through with a Swiffer or microfiber duster and get all the surfaces in your home. Don't forget the blinds, baseboards, and corners! You will probably be able to use your Swiffer duster 2 - 3 times before you have to throw it out. Feather dusters and other tools such as lambswool will push the dust around, so don't waste your time or money.                                 

2) Monthly: Go through and dust the wood furniture with a plant-based dusting spray and a microfiber cloth to condition and protect the wood.                         

3) Yearly:  Get your kitchen and bathroom cabinets with the plant-based dusting spray or the Thieves Spray if there is a buildup. Also, get the ladder out and get those high to reach places with the Swiffer dusters. You can always do this step more frequently if you need to.