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Honoring and Connecting to Deities

Just like with the Elements, how you connect with a Deity will be as individual as any other relationship in your life. It is a relationship that is extremely personal. Only you will know which Deities you have a connection with and why. You'll find your patron Deities by noticing synchronicity in your life. Stories from your ancestral past will call to you, but just as likely are stories from other cultures. The pagan path is polytheistic. We believe in the God and Goddess of 10,000 names, so there is no worry about jealousy here! Deities reach out to you because you vibe with them, so be open and listen.

For instance, my patrons are Hecate, Brigid, Cernunnos, Papa Legba, Ayizan, Gran Bwa, Met Agwe, and Maman Brigitte. On the surface, a very eclectic crew, but if you look deeper, they have a lot of commonalities. All of them value family, nature, and goodwill towards others. This crew asks that you give to charities as your offering to them. Or maybe an occasional shot of rum! They lovingly accept humanity with all of our faults and have a great sense of humor, so they are easy to welcome into my heart and home. 

I connect with my patrons through prayer beads because that is what works best for me. The slow repetition of the prayers helps me to turn my attention inward and to be open to an authentic connection with my patrons. The prayer beads are on my altar, along with different representations of the Elemental energies. Adept practitioners remind us that the most important magickal transformation is that of our hearts and making them an altar of connection to the Elements, Deities, and magick. So connect with the Deities in a way that feels right to you!

This is your journey, your path, your relationship. It will grow and change as you grow and change. Continue to be open to how the Deities want to connect with you; it is part of what makes this path a beautiful one!​

Now let's look at pulling this all together and making some magick.