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Beautiful Nature

Honoring and Welcoming the Elements

If you are a thriving at home Witch and living a quiet life, remember that attention is the last thing you want. It would be best if you had an altar that can go unnoticed, or is at least in a private area. The altar is a representation of your relationship with the Elements. That relationship needs to be celebrated, but like all intimate relationships, it is private.

Connecting to and welcoming the Elemental energies into your life if a fundamental part of witchcraft. Your altar is a physical reminder of the relationship you already have with the Elements. Or think of it as a wedding ring: it's a tangible thing to show you have made space for the Elemental energies in your life.

To honor and welcome the Elements, look for discrete natural representations. Find a corner or shelf in your home that works best for you. Use a rock to represent earth, a feather or flower for air, a candle or a lava rock for fire, and a small seashell for water. You can combine plants and candles, essential oil diffusers, or jars. Use what feels like an authentic connection to nature and the Elements.

Fundamentally, your altar is an outward expression of an inward truth. That truth is that you are a Witch, and you feel the energies in all things. Keep working on this relationship with all of your heart because that is where the magick is. So most importantly, step outside daily and reconnect! The elements are always with you, not just on your altar.

Now, let's look at welcoming the Deities.