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The Kitchen:  The daily cleaning adventure

Okay, this is where the grim reality hits: you will have to clean the kitchen every day. But if you put it into the perspective that you are eating home-cooked, delicious meals every day, this can become an act of quiet gratitude. Combine your cleaning with emotional casting for protection and health to get the most out of this daily chore. Let's look at the simple steps to keep your kitchen clean and safe:

1) Wash the dishes daily and make sure that they don't just sit in the sink. When they sit in the sink, they become a fascinating science experiment that rivals anything you grew in a petri dish during 10th-grade Biology. This is the hardest for me as well, but we can do it!

2) Scrub the sink with (you saw this coming) a sponge made of plant-based materials with mild dish soap. A daily scrub will prevent things from building up.

3) Wipe down your counters and table with mild dish soap and a microfiber cloth. Also, wipe down the front of the fridge and other highly touched areas of the kitchen.

4) Throw the microfiber cloth in a bucket. Once a week, wash all your microfiber cloths in hot water.