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Memorial Candle

Now For The Magickal Part…

I like to emotionally cast.  It is a spell casting method in which I silently cast for my intention and the emotion it will create, then let the magick do its job. Remember, we are still going for not drawing a ton of unwanted negative attention to our magickal practices. In this case, I would gather all of my beauty tools and supplies. Ground, center, and call the Elements as you usually do. Call on your patrons and Deities to lend their protection and guidance, for the good of all, allowing no harm to come.

Visualize the elemental energies swirling around you, ready to get to work. The Element of Earth lending its strength and stability. Air bringing a fresh, new way of thinking. The passion of Fire to fuel health. Water to bring calm emotional strength. Next, visualize yourself as happy, healthy, and having radiant energy. Feel those emotions and energies gently coming to rest and magickally lighting up all of your tools and supplies. Finally, take a deep breath and thank the Elements, your patrons, and Deities for their time and care.

Now, go out there as the best version of yourself!  You now possess a happy, healthy, and radiant beauty that comes from within and touches everything around you!