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  • Kristy Johnsen

A Case for Detoxing from the Fitness Tracker: Returning to a more intuitive approach to fitness

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Please don't get me wrong. I love my fitness tracker, and I know that it has helped countless people reach their health goals. Mine buzzed me awake in the morning, encouraged me to walk more, and reminded me to drink water. It's given me significant data showing that my cardiovascular fitness is excellent for a woman my age. It helped me get into a better sleep routine and become more conscious of the mindless calories I am prone to consuming when I am at work.

But somewhere along the line, the relationship went off course. Before my fitness tracker, I never counted calories, worried how many steps I had, and trusted my feelings on how much sleep I got. I was at the same weight that I was before kids and felt strong and healthy. I knew I had to manage my portion size and ate when I was hungry. I knew that Pilates and yoga would keep me flexible and strong, and walking was something I did daily with the dogs. Post fitness tracker? Yes, I experienced plenty of benefits. But I lost that deep trust in myself and tuned out my intuition. I've gained weight and was stressed out when I don't reach my step goal. It's now too easy to be bullied or gaslighted by a tiny piece of technology that tells me I'm not doing the health and fitness thing "right."

So I decided to do a Fitbit Detox. No counting steps, no wearing it to bed. Because even though data is crucial for intelligent decision making, trust in ourselves, and our innate ability to know what we need to take care of ourselves needs to be honored. For now, the plan is to wear it one night a week to monitor my cardiovascular health. I'm returning to watching portion size, not calories, and eating when I am hungry. I'm drinking lots of water because it makes me feel good. I'm doing yoga or Pilates and Flow Staff every day and throwing in a walk when I can. But I'm not logging it. If I feel I got a good night's sleep, I did—end of the story.

As a Witch, I have trusted my intuition in all matters, but for some reason with health, I tuned it out. I created an unhealthy relationship and unrealistic expectations with a tiny piece of technology. As followers of The Old Ways, we know we will be our happiest when we are attuned with Nature and all of Her cycles. So my goal going forward is to eat and work out intuitively with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust in the nuanced guidance from The Goddess. Here's to all of us embracing a more loving and balanced approach to self-care.

The Intuitive Eating Workbook

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