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  • Kristy Johnsen

A Goodwill Spell with Pumpkin Spice

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Oh yes, it is that time of year again! Fall! Cooler temperatures, garden harvests, and pumpkin EVERYTHING. Why not use the energies of the season, and what is readily available, to send out some goodwill to our world?

For this spell, you'll need an orange candle, preferably one with a pumpkin smell. Grab your favorite pumpkin seasonal drink, either the hot or cold brewed variety. Go outside on a crisp autumn evening to perform this spell.

Ground and center. Feel yourself grounded to the Earth, and sending roots deep into the nurturing soil. Stretch your arms high into the air, feeling yourself connected to the Heavens above. Now, light the candle and raise your glass:

"Earth I am, Air I am, Fire, Water, Spirit I am.

A Child of The God and Goddess I am,

And in perfect love and perfect trust,

an Autumn Witch I am.

May the encircling of Bridget be with us,

The encompassing of Bridget be with us,

And the shielding of Bridget be with us,

This day and every day, this night and every night.

May the blessing of Autumn be with all people of goodwill,

May it be upon the land and the animals there

May it be upon the seas and the animals there

May it be upon the sky and the birds there."

Feel the warmth and goodwill of the season, encompassed in a bright orange ball, spreading out from you to everything around you. Now take a deep breath, and thank the Lord and Lady and the Elements for their help with your spell. Remember that what we put out into the world returns to us 3x3, so enjoy the goodwill coming back into your life these coming months!

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