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  • Kristy Johnsen

A guided meditation to meet Santa Muerte

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Pagans do a lot of guided meditations to meet different Deities and spirits, but I have yet to find one for Santa Muerte. Here is a guided meditation to get acquainted with the Holy Queen of Death. She was enjoying Herself while I was writing this, and I think that you might enjoy this journey too. She's been looking forward to meeting you...

Take a couple of deep breaths and let yourself relax completely. You are safe, protected, and at peace. You find yourself in a beautiful wooded forest, as old as time itself. Take a moment and listen to the bird song, the wind in the trees, and the babbling brook. Look around you and soak in the beauty and peace of this place.

You notice a trail that leads to a small clearing. You walk along the path through the clearing until it comes to a little cottage. To the side of the door is a plaque that reads: "Santa Muerte, All are Welcome." You decide to knock on the door. A cheerful and welcoming voice calls, "Come in!" and you open the door.

You find yourself back at your own home in your kitchen. It's warm, welcoming, and exactly what you need right now. Over by the coffee maker, you see a cloaked figure in a green robe. The robe is made of luxurious velvet, and embroidered on it are fractals in white, purple, blue, gold, red, green, and black. You take a deep breath as the figure starts to turn. Before you can take it all in, She squeals like a teen girl who just got a new phone and runs over to hug you.

"Mija*! It is so good to see you! Let me look at you!" She says as she fawns over you just like a little grandmother. This was not what you were expecting.

"What were you expecting? A spooky castle, cobwebs, and ghosts? Please!" She says, sensing your thoughts. "I love your place," She says, turning to look around Her. "Coffee?"

You laugh, grabbing two cups and heading over to the table. How can a skeleton look at you with compassion, acceptance, and love? She does, and you feel it in every fiber of your being. "We're at your place because I want to be with you, where you are, right now. You can diffuse Palo Santo to welcome me and clear out any negative energy around you. I also love Frankincense and Myrrh, either as essential oils or in candles. And don't forget the Florida water. If you want, put a little altar up for me, I like having my special spot, but the most important altar is here," She says as She points to your heart. "And yes, I want you to use my rosary. It's an easy way for us to spend time together, and it's simple," She encourages as She picks up Her rosary and slides it over to you.

"I have different aspects, faces, or 'job descriptions,' if that is a more natural way to look at it," She continues as She gestures to Her robe. "White is for new beginnings and protection, purple is for magick, blue is for everyday life, gold is for wealth, red is for love and strength, green is for justice, and black is for ending curses and problems. The robe is green for you, so you can start to see how I work with The God and Goddess in Nature. Spend time with me; say my novenas and prayers. Trust me that I take your and your family's well being and protection very seriously. I get more than a little put off when someone messes with one of mine," She says with a smile.

"So you want to hang out with me? Have a space of your own in my heart and home, and have me spend time with you, and praying your rosary? That's it?" you ask. "I heard you like gifts..." you start, but She interrupts you with a wave of Her hand. "Yes, Mija, I like flowers. I like it when you give donations to those in need in my name. I like when you let go of old attitudes and prejudices that put up blocks between you and others," She tells you in a voice that puts you at ease.

What other questions do you have for Santa Muerte? You know that you can ask anything, be yourself, and She will still look at you with love and compassion. Take a couple of minutes and talk with Her. What does the cheerful and boisterous Saint of Death have to say?

After you finish your coffee, She reaches out again and hugs you. Oh boy, She is a hugger, get used to that, you think to yourself. When you are ready, walk out the door to the outside. You turn and expect to be alone, but you sense that you are not. "I'm always with you. Always have been, always will be. Ready?" you hear Her whisper quietly on the wind. You laugh and walk down the path.

Stretch, and ground and center. Have a good day; your Madrina** Muerte is right there with you.

*Mija means my daughter in Spanish, it will be mijo for a son.

**Madrina means godmother in Spanish.

Santa Muerte: The History, Ritual and Magic of Our Lady of The Holy Death

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