• Kristy Johnsen

A Love Spell with Santa Muerte

Updated: Sep 29

Love spells have gotten a nasty reputation, but I'm going to present an ethical and powerful love spell that asks for Santa Muerte's love and guidance. Let's go over some ground rules for ethical love spells and then dive in!

1) Never, under any circumstances, target a specific person. Seriously! Think back to an ex who was perfect at the beginning, and then went more than a little "cra-cra." Now imagine if you had done magick to make that person bound to you for all time. Yes, that was meant to make you a little sick to your stomach! Sometimes we misjudge people or don't see who they really are until you have dated for a while. So no matter how much you think you may know that you have found "the one," don't do it. This spell will work on you becoming the most beautiful, whole, joyful, and best version of yourself. That will very powerfully pull in the right person for you, and because you cast it on yourself, it is entirely ethical.

2) Be open because this spell will ask to bring the best person for you into your life of their own free will. That may be a strong friendship, a rekindling of an old flame, or even a new pet! Yes, sometimes, a new beloved pet will come into your life with a love spell because right now, you need to learn about unconditional love and acceptance, and nothing in this universe works better than an animal companion. You can repeat this spell in the future as you change and grow. Remember that it will bring the best person for you for where you are at right now in your life.

Spell materials:

1) A rose quartz, any size. Please never feel you need to spend a lot of money on spell components. If you find a pink rock out on a hike, that will do!

2) Your hairbrush and any other personal beauty tools you use frequently. If you want more ideas on how to magickally look your best, visit the Natural Beauty section of this site.

3) A tealight candle. White is the universal casting color, so those $0.50 tealight candles are a hidden treasure for the budget-conscious Witch!

4) Florida Water. This is a unisex cologne that is sacred to Santa Muerte and used heavily in HooDoo and Voodoo. It welcomes positive spirits and energy.

5) Your Santa Muerte rosary or a traditional rosary, and a glass of wine or water to share with Her. You can find information on praying Santa Muerte's rosary here.

How To Cast The Spell:

1) This spell can be cast any time, day or night. Santa Muerte always is with us, so She is more than ready to jump in and do spell casting whenever you are. This spell can be cast anywhere, inside or outside, but make sure it is somewhere private.

2) Bring your beauty supplies, the tealight candle, the rose quartz, the wine/water, Santa Muerte rosary, and the Florida Water to where you will be casting and set them up on a flat surface in a way that feels right to you.

3) Here is my traditional circle casting chant: "Earth I am, Air I am, Fire, Water, Spirit I am. A child of The God and Goddess I am, and in perfect love and perfect trust, an Autumn Witch I am." Use whatever method works best for you.

4) Visualize the Elemental energies swirling around you and coming to rest on your beauty supplies. Imagine yourself as healthy and beautiful in mind, body, and spirit with a contagious joy. Now light the candle and pray Santa Muerte's rosary. While you do this, continue to visualize and feel the beautiful, positive energy you want. Ask Santa Muerte to bring the best possible person to you: someone who will bring out the best in you and you in them. Now see these energies gently resting on the rose quartz. The rose quartz is charged with your intention for love to be magnetically pulled into your life. After the spell, set it where you will see it daily.

5) After you have finished the rosary, put on some of the Florida water. After the spell, continue to wear it daily to help keep up your positive self-worth and energy.

6) Share the glass of wine/water with Santa Muerte to thank Her for Her love and care. To close your circle, here is my favorite chant: "Thank you, thank you, thank you. And so it must be, Blessed Be." You may either let the candle continue to burn in a safe location, or extinguish it and use it another time.


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