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  • Kristy Johnsen

A realistic look at magick: Understanding what magick can and cannot do

Don't get me wrong; the image is tantalizing. The all-powerful Witch, with the wind blowing in her hair, standing by the cauldron on a moonlit night. Calling upon the Elements and Deities, she commands the instantaneous changes she wants to come into her life: the adoring lover, the high paying job, the easy grades for her kids, no problems with neighbors or extended family...

Oh, that would be so ever-loving great, wouldn't it?

Let's look at what the reality of magick is and how it works so you can work with it in a positive, gentle, and knowledgeable way. First of all, magick is energy, produced by your will, the Elements' energy, and guided by the Deities. You do not command. You do not compel. Instead, you need to understand that the Witch, with perfect love and perfect trust, gently directs magickal energy toward the positive change that they visualize. You then trust that the magickal energy knows exactly what it needs to do, and you let it go and do its job.

Secondly, it will take time. This is the hardest part for everyone because you are usually neck-deep in trouble when you cast a spell and need help fast. Sometimes things do happen quickly. I have heard of Deities very quickly intervening in serious circumstances. But if you go into this understanding that in most circumstances, magick takes time, you will save yourself a lot of self-doubt and second-guessing. Casting proactively will help avoid reactive stress casting.

Finally, magick takes the path of least resistance. That means you have to take the mundane steps in your life to help the change happen. You have to put in the hard work in practical and actionable ways, like maintaining your living space, exercising, managing your temper, studying for tests and certifications. You get the picture.

Magick is authentic and will create change. But you have to have patience, trust, and be willing to work hard for the positive changes you want to fully manifest. Yes, you can have an adoring lover, a great job, and have trouble-free relationships. It will take time, energy, and grit, but you are up to the challenge! Spend time with the Elements and Deities, and trust that they will guide you in the best possible way on this journey.

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