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  • Kristy Johnsen

A Witch's Approach to Covid-19

Back in May I wrote this article to help people thrive at home during the pandemic. It contains both mundane and magickal advise on how to keep you and your loved ones safe. We are in the midst of the dreaded second wave of the virus, so I felt it was time to update this blog and republish it.

Like almost everything else we've looked at in this blog, a Witch's approach to Covid-19 is going to look like everyone else's approach, but with some significant additions. Here first are the ways on the mundane level that Witches will handle this crisis:

1) Science is real, and Harm None is more critical now than ever. For the love of the Goddess, please listen to the CDC and your local government's guidelines! Think about how your actions impact others! Wash your hands, wear a mask when away from your home, maintain physical distancing of 6 feet, and stay home if you are ill. We can all do these things and in turn save lives.

2) As much as you can, keep yourself and your loved ones out of the grocery store's insane lines and other places by using delivery services. Whenever you don't have to go out, you're helping to reduce the risk of exposure for yourself and others.

3) Start a garden and learn how to preserve your harvest by freezing or canning safely. Self-sufficiency is one of the greatest acts of compassion.

4) If you have an extra freezer, keep it stocked! Make sure you have enough for you and your family for two or three months. You are doing your part to help your community by staying out of the store and leaving items on the shelves for people who have to go weekly.

5) Donate clothes and food to local charities to help those in need if you can. Many people are facing tremendous economic hardships right now.

6) Make a budget and stick to it because we all will be tightening our belts.

On the magickal level, Witches are going to roll up their sleeves and bring out the big guns. As I've written in previous posts, these are to be done AFTER mundane acts!

1) Emotionally cast for health and protection every day.

2) Make a Witch's Jar. Dorothy Morrison called them "Homeland Protection the Witch's Way." Get a jar with a tight-fitting lid that you can either bury by your front door or put in a dark corner by the door if burying it is not an option. Put in lavender, garlic, salt, sharp nails or tacks, hair from everyone in the house, and a small amount of your urine. Yes, gross, but it does keep whatever you don't want in your home out.

3) Work with Santa Muerte and pray Her rosary every day. You can find Her specific rosary in the book by Tracey Rollins. Santa Muerte is very protective of Her devotees, and She cares very deeply about your welfare. She also understands that you need money to live and will look after that as well, if you ask Her.

4) Hecate and Brigid are also known for their protection, healing, and guidance through tough times, so set up candles to honor and welcome these Ladies into your home. Hecate and Brigid have always been champions for the people on the fringes of society, so make sure you are doing all you can on the mundane level to support and help others less fortunate than yourself.

5) Cernunnos is the Horned God of the Wooded Wild and sacrifices Himself every autumn so His people can live through the winter. Light a candle to Cernunnos asking for His blessing on your garden and your plans to stock up for the coming months.

6) Get veves (sacred iconography) for Papa Legba, Ayizan, Gran Bwa, Met Agwe, and Maman Brigette. Papa Legba is the Voodoo Loa who will control what comes into your life. Ayizan is the Loa in charge of wealth and community goodwill. Gran Bwa looks after the land, and it's animals, while Met Agwe looks after the seas and it's animals. Maman Brigette brings healing and looks after the beloved dead. Put the veves somewhere where you will see them daily as a reminder to ask the Loa to send goodwill and blessing to their areas of influence because it is so desperately needed right now.

Covid-19 has created an unprecedented challenge for our world. With compassion, common sense, and a belief in your ability to bring positive change even in the worst of time, you will get through this.


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