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  • Kristy Johnsen

Banishing the things that go bump in the night

There are a lot of day-to-day Wiccan life details that are usually left out of "The Brochure" when people first investigate The Old Ways. Shopping at Michael's for magickal supplies? Yup! Being interrupted by the dog going nuts during a spell? Got that one! The really weird Tarot card reading you did for your sister-in-law? Oh my yes. But the number one thing that comes as a surprise to most new Witches is when things start going bump in the night.

Witches believe in the supernatural, in spirits, and the afterlife, so it really shouldn't come as a shock when you see a dark shadow figure or hear a voice at 3 a.m. However, reading about this on a bright sunny afternoon is very different from experiencing it in the middle of the night! So why does this happen, and what can you do about it?

First, understand that when you start practicing Witchcraft, you have opened your mind and senses to energies that science has yet to explain. It's not unnatural, it just isn't fully understood yet. Secondly, Spirits now have someone to connect with, and most of the time they have to be very loud and energetic on their side to get our attention. That gives us the feeling that they are angry and aggressive when most of the time they are not. I say most of the time because you will get a spirit every once in a while that does want you to GTFO. Listen to how you feel to tell the difference. If it's their space, quietly leave and ask Santa Muerte to stop them from following you home. But what do you do if you have an angry spirit in your home?

Do a deep cleaning, both on the magickal and mundane levels. Play music that makes you dance and sing. At this point, I should disclose that my family will argue that my singing will drive away ANYBODY, but I digress. Laughter will help enormously to banish negative entities! Open the windows and let fresh air and sunshine in. Diffuse or burn Palo Santo. This banishes unwanted negative energy while pulling in positive energy. Lastly, ask Santa Muerte to banish all spirits who are not aligned to your will and bring them peace.

What about the ones that really don't need to be banished, they are just trying to get your attention? First, it might be the Fae, so set out some cream for them to welcome them and to stay on their good side. Put a small glass of water out for spirits who you think might be ancestors, family spirits, or friendly former residents. This small gesture of acknowledgment and kindness will go a long way to bringing peace to your home. Then start paying attention to dreams or other more subtle hints that they might give you as to why they are trying to contact you.

What about trying to use a Ouija board to make contact? Um, that would be a no-go Ghost Rider! You need to think of a Ouija board as the original AOL back in the day - sure, you're a 14-year-old girl, just like me, let me share a bunch of personal info with you! You don't know who you are opening a door to, so let's just skip that portion of the program kids! What if you made this mistake and now have something very angry in your home? Praying Santa Muerte's rosary will take care of things very quickly, especially when you combine it with Florida Water and Palo Santo. Check out the Resource page to get these items, along with the Santa Muerte Altar page.

Now you are knowledgeable and prepared to handle the things that will go bump in the night! Enjoy your journey as a Witch, knowing you can handle anything that comes your way!

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