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Blessing and Protection Spells: Ethics and intentions are everything

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The greatest yet the most terrible gift that we have been given is our free will. How we use our free will has vast consequences on the magickal and mundane levels. The greatest truth and gift of being a Witch is that you choose what kind of energy is around you and your loved ones; the path you choose is yours. Spell work to bless yourself and your loved ones is pretty straightforward. You call the Elements and Deities to bring positive flowing energy so that the changes you want to manifest quickly. Then you work hard on the mundane level so that there is little resistance to the spell manifesting.

The classic example is finding a job. You work hard on developing marketable skills, getting internships, getting a degree, creating an outstanding resume, and submitting it to top recruiters. All the while, you have been casting spells that will help you study and ace your classes, hone your job interview skills, and connect harmoniously with potential employers. Then, you do magick so your resume stands out to a company that you will work harmoniously with at a fair wage. Notice how I listed the mundane actions first? If you don't do those things, it won't happen on the magickal or real-world level. Think of it this way: as humans, we abore change, and the Deities know it. If you want a positive change, you have to start working on it on the mundane level first.

All of your positive spell work for your loved ones follow the same idea, but with a crucial twist. You can cast for abundance, wisdom, health, protection, and love to flow around your loved ones, but you don't get to choose how they use it. For Wiccan and Pagan parents, it's an incredibly hard concept to accept. Still, we must always respect the free will of others. Especially our children as they grow if we want long term and healthy relationships with them. Take college, for example. Yes, work with Santa Muerte to help them do well in school and have sweet and generous people around them. But when it comes time to submit applications, don't cast for them to get into your favorite college. Trust the loving magickal energy around them and that it will manifest in the best possible way for them.

Protection work has gotten a bad reputation because of a profoundly ingrained misinterpretation of "Harm None." We all seem to forget the "lest in self-defense it be, ever mind the rule of three" part of the Reed. The Reed tells us that magickal actions to defend yourself and your loved ones are justifiable if they are done in self-defense. This is where Wiccans need to learn a thing or two about real-life pragmatics from our Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Santa Muerte devotee siblings! Because these other magickal systems were brought to the New World by slaves and other oppressed peoples, they have no time for the "just send love and light" mentality.

So how do you ethically defend yourself? First, send their energy straight back to them with this intention: "So that you will never again harm another innocent or me, may your malice and ill will return to you, by the rule of three." Karma says we get back what we put out into the universe three times, so you are working with the natural laws created by The Lord and Lady. I don't pretend that this isn't an incredibly powerful spell that can wreck lives. If you imagine the deeds and vitriol some people have put out into the world returning to them three times over, oh Goddess!

But by asking that their malice returns to them, you begin the process of healing for yourself and them. Yes, you read that right. It helps in your healing because you cannot carry that residual energy with you and ever hope to be whole again. For the offender, we all must remember that as sentient beings, we have some pretty hard life lessons to learn during this life. What lessons we refuse to learn, the Goddess will see to it personally that we learn in the next one. Don't ground the energy or try and send back love and light. When you do this, you have decided that they don't need to learn that their actions have consequences. And that, my friend, will bite you harder than you can ever imagine.

When would a spell get you in trouble, then? Oh, let me count the ways! Let's look at love spells that target a specific individual. You are taking away their free will, and it will backfire very severely --- big howdy potential abusive stalker! Or if you want a new job and you curse your competition to fail their interviews. You are harming an innocent person for your gain when you could do the steps outlined above that only affect you. Hello horrible job that you leave within a month! Anything fuelled by petty jealousy and spite will unleash a magickal thermo-nuke in your own life, so steer clear.

Blessing and protecting yourself and your loved ones is not only ethical, but it's also your duty. But you have a choice whether or not you do that duty in this life or the next. You have a choice as to whether or not you want to fill your life with positive energy that radiates out and makes your life, and by extension, the world a better place. You have the power to choose to protect yourself and loved ones by getting negative people and their energy out of your life. Your conscience and the Deities will guide you if you listen with an attentive and open heart.

Utterly Wicked by Dorothy Morrison

Tending Brigid's Flame by Lunaea Weatherstone

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