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  • Kristy Johnsen

Embracing the solitude and recognize that you are a Witch

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Solitude. Social distancing. Being alone. For many, these are situations to avoid at all costs.

But not the Witch.

When we are alone, we see it as an opportunity to reconnection with Nature and The Old Goddesses and Gods. When we put away the distractions, we become present to the world around us. The flow of the breeze. The smell of newly turned earth. The sunlight dancing in newly sprouting leaves. The quiet call of contentment and strength that comes from within. These connections are always there, as close as a thought. No religious or government authority can ever take that connection away from us.

The Witch's spirituality is experiential: you have to experience Nature and quiet solitude to recognize that you are a Witch. You do not become a Witch: no one can give you that power or degree. You discover on your own that you feel the energy of Nature all around you. You realize that you are connected to it and that you can direct energy to create authentic positive change in your life.

Be alone and grow in your connection. The God and Goddess are there and will guide you. Listen to your heart. The Lord and Lady are there and have always been there, waiting in patient love.

#becomeawitch #realwitchcraft

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