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  • Kristy Johnsen

Essential Oils: The Witch's ultimate secret weapon

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

There is nothing more iconic than the Witch happily stirring a cauldron. She's thrown in a couple of magickal herbs, and then with intention, makes a brew to manifest her magickal desires. You can undoubtedly work magick this way. Make a delicious dinner and throw in cinnamon for happy homes, clove to stop gossip, and garlic for protection! But there is a much simpler way to permanently have your loved ones carry the magick that you have cast for them: diffuse magickal essential oils.

When we carry stones, work with plants, or spend time with our Deities, our energetic field changes. It grows. What we spend time working with becomes part of our energetic field. That's part of the reason that adept practitioners have a calm demeanor and seem to know how to handle problems. When you diffuse magick essential oils, you are casting magick that is inhaled and immediately becomes part of your and your family's energetic field. Below is a list of my favorite magickal essential oils. You will only need a drop in the diffuser, and you can mix them in with other essential oils. You only need to do this once, but as always, listen to your intuition!

  • Van Van Oil: Turn bad luck to good and get rid of negative energy. Everyone will have some hard times now and then, so gift yourself and our family with the power to make positive change.

  • Fiery Wall of Protection: Protection that doesn't mess around! The benefit is that this magick oil brings light and positivity while it protects relentlessly. It also brings others' true intentions to light.

  • Crown of Glory: Bring on the success and good luck! Abundance and goodwill are something we all need. Combined with Van Van oil, this helps to remove obstacles and continually enables you to see opportunities and ways to move forward.

  • Palo Santo: This works like sage, but on steroids. Sage is used for banishing, but it leaves a vacuum. Palo Santo not only banishes negative energy/spirits, it immediately welcomes positive energy/spirits. This oil is sacred to Santa Muerte and a great way to ask for Her protection and blessing.

Coventry Creations has a wide variety of high-quality magickal oils, so check out their site and see what incredibly powerful and potent magick you can make!

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