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  • Kristy Johnsen

Home Keeping on Specific Days of The Week: Use magickal timing to make cleaning easier

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Let's look at magickal timing to make all of your home keeping and cleaning jobs more productive. The days of the week have their unique magickal energies. Doing your home keeping on those days will make your job a whole lot easier because you are working with the natural cycles and energy in play. Another added benefit is that by doing one small job each day, your house will always look clean. Picking up and cleaning the kitchen are daily tasks, but this shouldn't take much time if you stay on top of it. Following this program will make your home a more welcoming place, and you will have more time and energy. Let's break this down:

Monday: This day of the week corresponds to the moon and tied to the water element. This is the day of the week to clean the bathrooms and to do laundry, all water-based jobs.

Tuesday: This day of the week corresponds to the planet Mars and has fire energy. This is an excellent day to vacuum and weed because the energy is all about removal.

Wednesday: This day of the week corresponds to the planet Mercury and has air energy. Today is the day to tackle the dusting and organizing tasks you need to do. Also, look at any electronic organizing that needs addressing as well.

Thursday: This day of the week corresponds to the planet Jupiter and has earth energy. Any gardening jobs or home repair jobs will be most effective if done on this day.

Friday: This day of the week corresponds to the planet Venus and love. Do grocery shopping or other errands today for maximum effectiveness.

Saturday: This day of the week corresponds to Saturn and permanent removal/banishing. Today would be a good day to go through the house and tackle the pests and any big Marie Kondo style organizing jobs.

Sunday: This day of the week corresponds to the Sun and success. Start any new decorating projects today to see them flourish.

Give this program a try and see how it works for you! As always, use your intuition and adapt it to fit your lifestyle. Your goal is to make a beautiful life where you can uniquely Thrive At Home!

Cottage Witchery by Ellen Dugan

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