• Kristy Johnsen

New Beginnings with Santa Muerte

Updated: Sep 29

We will all have times in our lives that the end has come to something we love. Whether it is a physical death, a loss of a job, a child leaving home, or a move, the loss is stinging and painful. But just like after a forest fire, there will be signs of life reemerging if we look for them.

This is the time when Nina Blanca, the White aspect of Santa Muerte, comes fully into Her own. She guides Her devotees through the pain, but points to where the clouds have parted and sunshine bursts forth with hope and promise. She will be there for you as you mourn, but She refuses to let you forget that hope and love are on the horizon.

To work with the White aspect of Santa Muerte, light a plain white tea candle. Sit down with Her and tell Her how you feel, and ask Her how you can move forward in strength and love. Look for signs from that She has heard you. Crows, butterflies, owls, globes, scales, hourglasses, and skulls are all ways that She will let you know She is with you. Some people say that they will feel a warm and gentle hand on their shoulders, or they will smell a loved one's perfume.

There will always be circumstances in life that are beyond our control. But we will always be able to choose how we respond. As Witches, we stubbornly embrace the attitude that no matter what, it is within our power to make things better.


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