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  • Kristy Johnsen

Setting out cream for the Fae - staying on good terms with The Good Folk

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

On the mantle above my fireplace, I have a little table from a dollhouse with a small pitcher, flowers, and a dish. I put fresh milk or cream in the pitcher every morning. So what is all that about?

It's for the Fae. You might know them as the Fairies, Brownies, Good People, or the Good Folk. It's an Irish custom to put out small gifts, so you stay on good terms with them. If you are on good terms with the Fae, they protect the house and all within it. Brownies are then more likely to help out around the house. They also will bring a little mischief in your life if they are fond of you. The Fae become especially active when you are overly worried or stressed about what they see as unimportant things. Ours loves to mess with our garage doors!

Do I ask specific favors of the Fae? Not anymore. I learned that if I ask for specific things, they interpret those requests from their point of view. For instance, let's say you were to ask that people see all of the hard work and love you have for your family. Maybe you feel that it's not recognized. Oh yes, people will see, but because you will have to fight for your family tooth and nail. Think huge problems at your children's school and battles with the in-laws. The Fae are not malicious; they are just giving you what you asked for. Everyone did see you work hard for your family, and no one doubts how much you love them.

So be smart and respectful when working with the Fae. Show them appreciation and respect by leaving tumbled stones and cream out for them, but don't ask them for specific favors. Their benevolent presence and goodwill are the best favors they can give you!

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