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  • Kristy Johnsen

What exactly does the quiet suburban Witch life look like?

Well, it looks a lot like everyone else's quiet suburban life. Kids, practice, mowing the lawn. Neighborhood block parties, Halloween and Christmas decorations, and helping out a neighbor when you can. The difference is this: my life has magick, and it is a beautiful one because it has magick. People notice it when they come in the house: it's always welcoming and puts people at ease. People will comment on our good luck, or how things always seem to work out for us.

At this point, I smile and inform them that I am a Witch, following The Old Ways. I live by "harm none, but allow no harm to come." I tell them I honor the Lord and the Lady, The God and Goddess of 10,000 names. I work my magick primarily withHekate, and I leave cream out for the Fae to stay on good terms.

Not. Not just not. Not on your life no! Not if you paid me a million bucks, no!

Please! No one likes proselytizing, and I don't feel like having a four-hour discussion trying to explain who The Lord and Lady are to someone uncomfortable with cultures and beliefs outside their own. The misconceptions hurt me, but I also know a 5-minute discussion will not change anyone's mind. It's an ugly truth that the pagan community and Witches have always dealt with: magick scares the living hell out of mundane folks, always has and always will. So sharing this part of my life with family and neighbors will never be an option.

And that is alright with me. Well, more than just okay: it's the way I want it to be.

By being silent, I am not having to deal with nasty comments or judgments or provide explanations. Judgmental comments come from a place of fear. If I do not have to be the target of it continually, I can step back and look at those types of responses instead with compassion. Being silent means that there is a whole lot less negative energy I have to deal with. Instead, I can direct my energy toward making the beautiful, welcoming, yet protected life I want for myself and my family. I can live in the in-between place where magick has always resided, and follow my path with compassion, strength, and joy. I can send out goodwill to the Lord and Lady, the Ancestors, the Fae, the Earth, Sea, and Sky and all people of goodwill in a way that feels right in my heart.

So instead, when I am asked about my family's good luck, our beautiful home, and why things seem to work out, here's my real response. "Thank you, I think we are pretty blessed."

Cottage Witchery by Ellen Dugan

The Fairy Bible by Teresa Moorey

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