• Kristy Johnsen

Things to Avoid and Remember When Working With Santa Muerte

Updated: Sep 29

Santa Muerte is one of the most carefree Spirits/Goddesses to work with. She accepts all people, including drug dealers, which has given rise to Her being labeled a Narco-Saint. No matter who you are or what you have done, Santa Muerte will welcome you and work with you. There is no denying that some of Her devotees are not going to win Citizen of The Year Awards, but to be fair, many of the devotees of other religions aren't either! Some of Her devotees use magick to harm others. For everyone who seeks Her out, Santa Muerte is there as a loving grandmother and sees the good in Her grandkids, even when they make horrible choices. She will always protect you and gently nudge you to embrace a beautiful life. And to the frustration of religious and civil authorities, She won't judge Her children and will allow them to make their own choices.

That being said, there are ways to successfully work with Santa Muerte and things to avoid. Let's look at the things to avoid when working with Santa Muerte:

1) She is the Holy Queen of Death. She is the one who will decide when it is someone's time to go. She will protect you and your loved ones, and She will personally see to it that those who have harmed you get what is coming to them. Don't ask Her to end a life.

2) She is accepting of all people and all religions, so you do not have to change your religion to work with Her. She works with all Deities and faiths and will bring you closer to your Deities, not destroy that relationship. Respect Her rosary and novenas, and work them into your faith.

3) Santa Muerte is your Muerte, so embrace that every individual will have a different experience with Her. To me, Santa Muerte is most strongly represented by Nina Azul and Nina Dorado, who embodies joy, family, protection of what you love, and thriving life. To others, She is the destroyer of curses, the seductress, the breaker of chains, or the bringer of justice. All of these are valid, which means you can't tell someone what an authentic relationship with Santa Muerte will be.

4) Don't make promises to Santa Muerte you can't keep. Remember that She is the patron of the poor and oppressed, so She is delighted with the sweet and thoughtful gifts that you would give a beloved grandmother. Candy, flowers, chocolate, Florida Water, donations to charities in Her name, and Her rosary all make Her very happy. But if you promise a gift in exchange for Her help, follow through. She may change what She wants over time. For instance, She can ask you to pray Her rosary to just one or two of Her aspects instead of all seven as you learn more about Her. But don't bail or make excuses: it isn't polite.

5) Don't assume there is nothing else to learn, even when you have worked with Her for a long time. She is the manifestation of change. You are Her beloved devotee, and She will always have more knowledge, wisdom, and magick to share with you.

The critical point is this: If you approach Santa Muerte with love and respect, you will nurture a loving lifelong relationship.


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