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  • Kristy Johnsen

To Be Silent: Why this part of the Witch’s Pyramid is more important and empowering than you think

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

As women, especially if you are a suburban mom, you want to make everyone around you happy and get everyone's "thumbs up." Approval from the community affects not only you but also your family, so being within the norm feels pretty essential. That is one reason why being silent about your practices is vital. Let's be honest: with 5-foot fences in your fishbowl neighborhood, do you think dancing in a circle under the full moon will go unnoticed, but more importantly, not commented on?

A big part of working with magick is understanding that energy takes the path of least resistance. That means the less interference the energy has, the easier it will reach its goal. That is why To Be Silent is part of the Witch's Pyramid. We can Know, Dare, and Will our little hearts out, but if we are not Silent, we invite roadblocks. Remember that the less negative energy your spell has to work around, and the more work you do on the mundane level, the easier it will be for the magick to manifest. Your neighbor's condescending smirk is not just irritating: it's a block, and it's a big one.

Your magickal life is beautiful and doesn't have to include the new status symbols of worry and stress.

Stress and worry have become status symbols. If you are stressed or worried, society says it means you are engaged, intelligent, and aware of the world around you. When you talk with your friends, family, and neighbors, don't most conversations gravitate towards worry about the kids, the schools, the economy, being healthy? Let's all be honest: you feel a little "weird" if you don't quickly chime in about things you are worried about as well? These discussions aren't problem-solving; it's a dangerous group-think that's purpose is to control others. How many times have you received unsolicited advice that begins with "I'm worried about you"?

Wouldn't it be a lot more satisfying to be silent and watch these conversations from the sidelines, knowing you are creating a beautiful life that isn't full of worry and stress because you are a Witch? Most importantly, by being silent, you do not undermine your own magickal goals and do not contribute to the negative hype. Pick a close friend, a family member, or therapist to share concerns in a positive, problem-solving way. But in general, stay silent about stress and worry that is more the status symbol type. You will be amazed at how much more quickly your spells will manifest. A beautiful, abundant life is the best status symbol of all!

Celebrate your life as a pagan! You have a connection to nature, magick, and the old gods that will transform your life – if you didn't believe that, you won't be here. Embrace this fact: This path is a journey, not a destination. Remembering that will allow you to be present to the present moment and enjoy this journey, a journey that is uniquely yours. Don't be afraid of uncertainty and problems. You have handled everything the universe has thrown at you so far!

The only person you have to answer to is yourself

There is freedom and beauty in being a Witch. Your relationship with the gods, nature, the spirits, and magick will be as individual as your fingerprint. Only you know which gods you have connected with and how. Only you will see if you are in-tune with nature and all of her cycles. Only you will be able to choose which spirits you work with, and what that means. Get outside and embrace the lessons that nature brings! The seasons and the natural world will be your best teachers. Be open to where you are called, what feels right; what feels hauntingly familiar. A part of you already knows how to do all of this, just like the first pagans did.

So stay silent on your magick and how you walk your path. Being "in the broom closet" is not a bad thing! It means that you own your power, on your turf, and on your terms. It means that you want your spells to manifest and create the beautiful life you want. No matter what Yonder High Priestess, The Mommy Mafia, Mothers-in-Law From Hell, or Interfering Neighbor: Alpha Team have to say about it!

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