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  • Kristy Johnsen

Working with semi-precious stones for spell casting

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Semi-precious stones are abundant and can be inexpensively purchased, so it is one of the first natural magicks Witches learn. They are worn in jewelry by magickal and mundane people alike, which makes them perfect for those not wanting to draw attention to their practices.

To charge a stone for a specific magickal purpose, take it outside into the sunlight. Emotionally cast, pulling positive energy to you for your visualized magickal intention. The stones will then act as permanent votives ---candles lit to request the assistance of a Deity--- and subtly work their magick every day.

Below are some of my favorite semi-precious stones to work with and their correspondences and associated Deities. Begin to work with the stones yourself to discover what correspondences they have for you. Let your intuition and your relationship with the Deities be your guide!

  • Amethyst: spirituality, abundance, power, purpose

  • Citrine: warmth, light, energy, mirth, the Goddess Brigid

  • Hematite: grounding, calming, peace

  • Lapis Lazuli: sending negative energy back to the sender, healing, the Goddess Isis

  • Moss Agate: growth, fertility, The Horned God, joy

  • Jet: confidence, strength, leadership

  • Smokey quartz: mysteries, the Other Side, protection, psychic powers, Hecate

  • Tigers eye: protection, strength, masculine energy

  • Moonstone: psychic abilities, motherhood, family, protection

  • Sapphire: attracting sweet and generous people into your life, abundance with generosity, family, Santa Muerte

Ideas for working with semi-precious stones:

  • Wear a moonstone to enhance your psychic abilities and ask The Lady for Her loving care and guidance.

  • Wear a Sapphire rosary ring dedicated to Santa Muerte for protection, positive relationships, and developing a generous heart.

  • Set a group of tumbled stones around a candle to attract protection, abundance, wisdom, passion, and healing.

  • Place moss agate around trees in your yard to call for Cernnoss's protection of your family and the greenwood.

  • Place smokey quartz near the front door to ask Hecate to ward the threshold.

  • Set small chunks of lapis lazuli around the perimeter of your home to protect your home and to send negative energy back to its source.

Garden Witchery by Ellen Dugan

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