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  • Kristy Johnsen

Working with the Goddess Brigid, the Goddess of Warmth and Welcome

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The Goddess Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of the hearth fire, the temple, and the forge. Her scope of influence was not limited to just these areas, as She was petitioned for everything from healing, to eloquence, and strength in battle. Brigid is a Goddess of the home and family, so all domestic concerns fall under Her care as well. She was seen as a triple Goddess, and many scholars believe She is Danann, the original Celtic Mother Goddess. Other scholars trace Her back to Hecate because She is concerned with justice, providing for the poor, and caring for women and children.

In the modern era, Brigid was turned into St. Brigid because the Celts refused to give up their love and trust in their Goddess with the New Religion's coming. When indentured Irish women were brought to New Orleans, they shared their beloved Brigid with their African sisters. Brigid was embraced by the African slaves and became Maman Brigette, the only European Loa in the Voodoo pantheon. Her messages of compassion, social justice, care for the sick, and care for the beloved dead continue to inspire today. Many see Her in Santa Muerte, which is not surprising given the similar goals, ideals, and temperaments of these Goddesses!

Brigid is petitioned today for all magickal needs by Witches. She will always find a way for hospitality, grace, honor, and protection to manifest in Her children's lives. When you work with Brigid, She will go out of Her way to introduce you to Her sister Goddesses, who share Her ideals and who you can learn from. She is truly a Goddess of warmth and welcome.

To begin working with Brigid, light a candle and say "Goddess Brigid: Goddess of the hearth fire, Goddess of the temple, Goddess of the forge, hail and welcome into our hearts and home. Hail and welcome, come you in, this day and every day, this night and every night." She is a Goddess who wants to be with you wherever you are, so take the time to acknowledge Her gentle and mirthful presence. Make bread with Her, clean the house while thinking of Her, or do a craft like knitting. All of these are things that the Goddess loves and enjoys! Tending Brigid's Flame by Lunaea Weatherstone is a great resource full of beautiful and enriching practices to help you grow closer to this Goddess.

May the Goddess Brigid continue to inspire us with Her messages of hospitality, joy, and devoted care to our families. Blessed be!

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