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  • Kristy Johnsen

Working with Hecate, the primordial shape-shifting Great Mother Goddess

Hecate is the Goddess of Witches and Witchcraft. Often solely portrayed as the Crone, Hecate comes to Her children in whatever form they need most. She is Maiden, Mother, and Crone, an ever-changing Deity who grows and changes with us on our journey.

To associate Hecate only with the darker aspects of magick is to limit Her woefully and blindly accept the lies that patriarchal religions spread to discourage Her worship. Her influence was significant enough that Zeus (or the male priests who made laws in His name) honored Her above all others, and granted Her the right to give to mortals whatever She desired. She could journey through all the worlds and held dominion over the three realms of earth, sea, and sky. Guardian of the weak and powerless, Her image was put at crossroads to remind people of Her ever-present protection and care.

Hecate is an extremely protective Goddess, and this is what caused Her to be villainized in ancient times and today. She protected women, families, and children. She defended the ordinary people, and when She was petitioned to bring justice, She did. Is it any wonder that religious authorities would call Her demonic when She protected the victims of their exploitation?

Working with Hecate is to accept that your presumptions will be tested. Can women be nurturing caretakers and ferocious warriors? Do we place Deities in little boxes and limit what they can do and take away their right to evolve? Because witchcraft is about change, Witches know that Hecate will always change. And yet, She will constantly be with us, refusing to abandon Her children.

To begin working with Hecate, I recommend the Pagan prayer beads listed on the Resource page. Light a candle and say Her prayers to grow close to Her. You can also drink some Dandelion tea to open yourself to Her presence. Go outside in nature ---She is, after all, the Great Goddess of Nature--- and ask for Her to make Herself known. Be open that, because She is a shapeshifter and a great teacher, She will come in unexpected ways. Work emotional casting asking for Hecate's guidance and care. Journal about your own authentic and unique experiences with Hecate. May your journey be a wondrous one.

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