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Image by Anna Pelzer

Strong and healthy, starting on the inside

Eat a well-balanced diet with a variety of foods. Try and get as many different fruits, vegetables, proteins, legumes, dairy/non-dairy, and grains you can get every week. Use a smaller plate for portion control (6″ vs. 9″) but your focus should be on the variety you each every week, not what you are excluding. By eating this way, you'll help to increase the type of good gut bacteria, which has substantial health benefits. Studies are showing that your gut bacteria influence everything from your mood to your immune system. It also gives you more positive control over your eating habits versus following an exclusion based diet.

Make sure you exercise, but from a place that you are loving and taking care of your body, not from a place of public flagellation for eating a bag of Cheetos. Look at yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts like Tai Chi, and walking. All of these help to increase strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health. Plus, all of these can be done in a relaxed manner at home on your time. Check out Mari Winsor Pilates' videos, The Yoga Studio App, and Tai Chi Chuan on the App Store.