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That Polished Look!

Here are the tools you need to finish up your look and show how healthy, strong, and beautiful you feel!

1) A nano-glass nail file. This little gem will file your nails and buff them to the best shine you have ever had in one easy step. The nano-glass file sells for $8 on Amazon. If you're like me, you're practically cackling at the cost and time savings. Especially is you compare it to expensive manicures and pedicures with toxic chemicals.

2) Eyelash curler. The Marula oil will naturally darken and lengthen your lashes, so all you need to do is a light, gentle curl to bring out your eyes.

3) Tweezers. Keep your eyebrows as natural as possible, and only weed out the outliers. We're going for well-groomed, not the pencil-thin monstrosities of the '90s!

4) Burt's Bees lip balm. Well worth every penny, and there are now a ton of different shades in the gloss.

5) Whitening toothpaste. I use Crest Glamorous White or Tom's Luminous White but go with the one you like the most. You're going for a bright smile that shows off just how healthy and confident you are!