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Tools, oh those beautiful tools! The investment in quality tools is where you will want to spend a little bit of extra money. Deep breaths! You only need a couple of core items:

1) A bag-less vacuum that is rated for allergy sufferers is your first line of defense. This is worth the investment because it makes all of your other cleaning jobs that much easier!

2) Microfiber cloths. Color code the cloths to keep cleaning solutions separate, even after washing. For instance, green for dusting, blue for bathrooms.

3) Hardwood or floor cleaner kit with pads and cleaning solution. Bona's hardwood floor kit is top-notch and works incredibly well.

4) Dusting kit with dusters you can dispose of like Swiffer. Use for blinds, floorboards, and hard to reach places. Doing this is especially essential for allergy sufferers, but you can always use your vacuum attachment if you do not want one-time use items.
5) Large amber bottles for the natural cleaning solutions you dilute or make yourself.

6) Plant-based wipes that kill 99% of bacteria and a plant-based toilet bowl cleaner. 

7) Sturdy toilet bowl brush.

8) Plant-based wood conditioner/dusting spray.


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