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Foot of Baby Boy on Floor

Vacuuming and Mopping:  Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Tasks

Vacuuming every week will help in your dusting efforts. You can use your attachments to get the hard to reach places like blinds and baseboards instead of the Swiffer if you prefer. Magickally, it's a great way to get the negative energy out of the house. Here's the game plan:

1) Weekly: Vacuum all the floors in your home. Don't forget the doormats that catch a lot of dirt before it comes into the house.      
2) Monthly: Vacuum the upholstery and mop the floors.  Use the Bono Hardwood cleaner on hardwood, or use your Thieves mixture with the microfiber cloth on other floorings such as tile and laminate.  
3) Yearly: Go through the house and get all the hard to reach places, like the window tracks and other often neglected nooks and crannies.

Pay attention to how things look and feel and change this up for your home's individual needs!